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2020-03-13: This site is going to be decommissioned and shut down very soon. Please copy and archive any data you wish to keep ASAP

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Summary dryadWIKI is a wiki engine developed in PHP 4
Category techcomm
License X/MIT License
Owner(s) gigi, rantingkitten

dryadWIKI is a wiki engine developed in PHP 4 by Christoph Fuchs and AlexanderGraf. When installed on a PHP enabled webserver, the script generates a wiki – a collection of pages on the internet which can not only be viewed, but also edited by any other user.

What is a WIKI?

WIKIs are Open Content Management Systems. Basically they are a piece of server software that allows users to freely create and edit pages using any web browser. Using a special wiki-markup, interactive elements, such as hyperlinks, crosslinks and text formating options are easily applied to pages.

Like many simple concepts, “open editing” has some profound and subtle effects on wiki usage. Allowing everyday users to create and edit any page in a website is exciting in that it encourages democratic use of the Web and promotes content composition by nontechnical users.


dryadWIKI should not only be easy to use and install for beginners but should also focus on simplicity – no unnecessary features like blogging, we leave that to professional blogging software. At the same time it should also be easily extensible for programmers – there should be optional extensions for almost everything. It will also be equipped with all the features required to run multilingual websites. Finally it must be well documented.

  • no database – databases complicate the setup
  • extensions – personalize your wiki
  • syndication – inform your readers via RSS
  • low requirements – Apache and PHP 4, that's all!